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  • Sep. 11, 2017 - Sep. 14, 2017

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Conducting Security Audits

Sep. 11, 2017 - Sep. 14, 2017--With NIC’s hands-on, onsite training, gain the experience of auditing out-of-state institutions of various security levels and missions. This 36-hour training program supplements classroom instruction in auditing protocol with tours of assigned facilities and real-world assignments that put newly trained participants in charge of the auditing process.


Instruction includes in-depth security audit analysis facilitated by a faculty member, who also acts as the team leader of a six-person team. The program is comprised of a one day classroom session and a minimum of three days of onsite training. Throughout the program, participants work individually, with team members, or with the team leader on reviewing assigned areas of security.


Eligibility Requirements: Three person team consisting of those who audit security operations at either the institution or agency level, including staff of state and municipal departments of corrections, deputy/regional directors of operations/institutions, security administrators/chiefs of security, wardens/superintendents, deputy/assistant wardens/superintendents, captains, lieutenants, or jail administrators.

Assurance: Please note that by applying for this program, you acknowledge that (1) you meet the eligibility requirements for the training, and (2) that your supervisor supports your application for, and attendance at, this training, if selected.

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