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  • Sep. 11, 2017 - Sep. 14, 2017

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  • Jul. 01, 2017


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Managing Restrictive Housing Populations

Sep. 11, 2017 - Sep. 14, 2017--This 4-day training program focuses on the management of inmates in Restrictive Housing within the control and jurisdiction of departments of corrections throughout the country. 


The 4-day program explores the following: a brief history of Restrictive Housing, issues related to the use of Restrictive Housing, constitutional amendments and court decisions related to Restrictive Housing, management strategies for Restrictive Housing focusing on a successful reintegration into general population, prison organizational culture and climate, staffing, and functional analysis/behavior management plans. Most importantly, the program offers participants an opportunity to increase knowledge around Restrictive Housing, share best and promising practices with peers, and develop an understanding of the Restrictive Housing “Guiding Principles” issued by the Department of Justice in the report “Department of Justice Report and Recommendations Concerning the Use of Restrictive Housing” (https://www.justice.gov/dag/file/815556/download). State teams will leave the program with a concise action plan focused on implementing one of the Guiding Principles back in their agency.

To maximize the learning opportunities from this program, state teams will be asked to complete several readings, watch select videos, and prepare two separate documents prior to the training. There are multiple group activities integrated throughout the program that serve as opportunities for the participants to demonstrate an understanding of the material, engage with other state agencies, and to facilitate the peer learning process.

State teams should come prepared for a productive and motivating four days as they work with their counterparts from eight other states and move the correctional field forward in the management of restrictive housing populations.


1. Interpret the DOJ Guiding Principles for Restrictive Housing
2. Define the three basic elements of restrictive housing
3. Describe the history of restrictive housing
4. Identify the relevance of the 8th and 14th Amendments for restrictive housing
5. Identify and define the different restrictive housing populations (5
subcategories) and management strategies for preventative restrictive housing
6. Describe the purpose and benefits of a Step Down/Level System program
7. Develop an Action Plan based on one DOJ Guiding Principle for Restrictive


Teams of three (3) consisting of (1) Central Office Staff (Deputy Director, Director of Operations, Regional Directors, Restrictive Housing Managers), (1) Warden/Superintendent or Deputy/Associate Warden/Superintendent, and (1) agency Mental/Behavioral Health Director/Assistant Director or facility senior Behavioral Health Manger. The team should have oversight and decision making authority to effectuate change in their agencies.

As part of the selection process for the program, each applicant may be asked to describe his or her current function within the organization and validate or substantiate their decision-making authority within their agency.

Pre-work requirements:

There are several pre-work assignments for this program. They shall be provided by separate correspondence prior to convening of the program.

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