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  • Sep. 25, 2018 - Sep. 27, 2018

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  • May. 31, 2018


  • 11900 E. Cornell Ave. Aurora, CO 80014




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  • 18C4504

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Orientation for Parole Board Chairs

Sep. 25, 2018 - Sep. 27, 2018-- Parole board chairs, whether appointed by their governor, elected by their peers, or rotated into their role from their seat on the parole board, are in an influential position to lead efforts to improve and reform the transition and reentry system, as well as enhance their board’s capacity to use evidence-based principles in effective offender management. Being an effective chair requires clearly defined roles and strategies to ensure that informed decisions are made relative to the release and return of offenders.


This 40-hour course will include modules on defining the chair’s role, establishing operational philosophy, promoting optimal performance, navigating the external and political environment, reaching out and responding to stakeholders, managing processes and resources, and measuring for offender and agency success.


• Must be a sitting parole board chair with 5 years or less experience as a chair or prior experience as a parole board member
• Must have written endorsement of your appointing authority or Governor
• Must be able to complete all pre and post training assignments, including participation in a WebEx session.
• Must be able to attend all three days of the face-to-face training

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