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Online registration for this e-course is available at the NIC Learning Center. When you click the "Apply" link below you will be redirected to the NIC Learning Center to complete the registration process.

Enrollment in the NIC e-Learning Center is limited to corrections professionals from jails, prisons, and community corrections agencies whose jobs are categorized as executive management, middle management, first-line supervision, offender programming, or training/staff development.


How To Develop Effective Performance Objectives

Anytime--This e-course takes a trainer on a journey through the challenging process of developing performance objectives that extend learning from the classroom to the workplace.


Correctional trainers are not just instructors: they function within correctional organizations as agents of performance improvement. To create powerful training courses and modules that have impact beyond the classroom, trainers need to focus instructional design on actual job performance in addition to traditional classroom measures of learning. Examples and activities in the five course modules include topics and subject matter drawn from the field of corrections.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and correct inadequate performance objectives
  • Analyze and correct incomplete performance objectives using the criteria for effective performance objectives.
  • Differentiate between the levels of learning in Bloom’s taxonomy by correctly sequencing the levels.
  • Create higher level performance objectives targeted to the application level or above.
  • Relate effective performance objectives in training to on-the-job performance improvement.


New and experienced correctional trainers whose responsibilities include the design and development of lesson plans and curriculums.

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