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Enrollment in the NIC e-Learning Center is limited to corrections professionals from jails, prisons, and community corrections agencies whose jobs are categorized as executive management, middle management, first-line supervision, offender programming, or training/staff development.


Staffing Analysis for Jails

Anytime--Staff are the most costly and important resource in operating a jail. In many jails, staffing costs make up 70 to 80 percent of the annual budget. Without adequate staffing, jail security and the safety of staff, inmates, and the community are directly threatened and the possibility of costly litigation against the jail increases significantly.


Adequate staffing is key to the success of all jail operations, whether related to security, safety, inmate services, or inmate programs. Staffing analysis is a complex process that takes into account many factors, such as jail design, activity schedules, and the types and levels of services provided to inmates. This e-course is designed to teach jail practitioners how to determine their staffing needs in a systematic and easily understood way. Users will find the program helpful in creating a staffing plan for a new jail, analyzing staffing in an operating jail, and revising an existing staffing plan in response to changes in jail policies or the physical plant.

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