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  • Mar. 29, 2017

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  • Mar. 29, 2017


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Transgender Persons In Custody: The Legal Landscape

Mar. 29, 2017--A live-streaming internet broadcast on legal issues regarding transgender persons in custody.


Do you and your agency have questions about the management of transgender persons in custody? In response to this emerging correctional issue, the National Institute of Corrections is conducting a live internet broadcast designed to:

  • provide information to agency legal counsel and corrections professionals regarding transgender persons in custody and their presumptive legal rights;
  • demystify the issues surrounding policy and procedures decisions affecting this population; and
  • identify emerging challenges and opportunities to provide strategies for ensuring equity while maintaining safety and security.

The three-hour broadcast titled “Transgender Persons In Custody: The Legal Landscape,” will be aired live on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET.

Prior to the broadcast on March 29, 2017, NIC recommends viewing and/or reviewing the materials for the two earlier broadcasts in the series, LGBTI Populations: Their Safety, Your Responsibility http://nicic.gov/library/026763 and LGBTI Populations: Intake – Creating a Culture of Safety http://nicic.gov/library/027998.


During this live event, we will:

  • Address agencies questions regarding issues, barriers, challenges and practices that affect transgender persons in custody
  • Illustrate areas of greatest liability for agencies regarding transgender persons in custody
  • Determine areas to address in agency policy and procedure
  • Explain steps agencies should take to ensure the safety and security of this population while in custody
Presenters will also share recommendations and resources.

This broadcast will answer the following questions:
  • What is the current state of litigation regarding transgender persons in custody?
  • What legal rights do transgender persons in custody have?
  • What are the best and promising practices for safe and secure housing of transgender persons?
  • How can my agency provide reasonable accommodations for transgender persons in our custody?


Lorie Brisbin
Correctional Program Specialist / Project Manager
National Institute of Corrections

Julie Abate
Deputy Chief, Special Litigation Section
Civil Rights Division, US DOJ

Hayley Gorenberg
Deputy Legal Director and General Counsel
Lambda Legal

Brenda Smith
Law Professor, American University
Washington College of Law

Harper Jean Tobin
Director of Policy
National Center for Transgender Equality


This broadcast is open to anyone and the following groups are especially encouraged to join this event.

  • Correctional Leaders and Administrators from Jails and Prisons (including Directors and Secretaries, Chief Deputies, Chiefs of Corrections, Chiefs of Staff/Administration, etc.)
  • Agency Chief Legal Counsel
  • State Correctional Associations
  • State and Regional Jail Associations
  • Correctional Risk Management Insurers
  • National Correctional Associations (ACA, AJA, NSA, etc.)
  • Jail and Prison Administrators
  • NIC General Counsel Network
  • NIC Large Jail Network
  • Reentry Coordinators
  • Community Organizations who partner with Jails and Prisons
  • Transgender Service Providers
  • Judges, Legislators and other decision makers
  • Jail and Prison agency policy makers

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