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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

"The National Institute of Corrections is a center of learning, innovation and leadership that shapes and advances effective correctional practice and public policy."

Strategic Outcomes

The outcomes of NIC's activities contribute significantly to the achievement of state, local, and federal correctional goals and priorities:

Effectively managed prisons, jails, and community corrections programs and facilities

We will provide services in effective planning, management, and operations strategies that provide constitutional, ethical, humane, safe, and cost-effective prisons, jails, and community corrections programs and facilities.

Enhanced organizational and professional performance in corrections

We will provide education and training opportunities in management, leadership, and specialized areas based on value-centered principles and best practices that will continually enhance organizational and professional performance.

Community, staff, and offender safety

We will promote correctional practices and procedures that maximize the safety of the community, staff, and offenders; hold offenders accountable; and improve the likelihood of offenders choosing responsible, law-abiding behavior.

Improved correctional practices through the exploration of trends and public policy issues

We will promote the exploration of critical issues and shaping public policies that improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and humane quality of practices that impact corrections.

Enhanced services through improved organizational and staff effectiveness

We will provide opportunities for organizational and professional growth that enhance our services. We will implement a strategic management process that leads to improved organizational structure, management practices, and program planning that support the mission and vision, consistent with available resources.