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NIC Reviews Food Safety for Correctional Facilities

In collaboration with several partners, NIC is now developing food safety resources for correctional facilities. 

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Community Supervision Video Library

NIC announces the launch of a video library titled Microskills for Community Supervision Professionals.

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Dr. Serin Honored Posthumously with Renee Collette Award

Researcher Dr. Ralph C. Serin was recently posthumously awarded the Renee Collette International Excellence Award by NIC and APPA.

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NIC Services

Learn about Technical Assistance
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Technical Assistance is when NIC CPS's and/or TRP's come to an agency or facility and work in partnership with the local staff to evolve policies, procedures, and practices.

In-Person and Virtual Training
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NIC offers online e-courses that are available at your convenience through the NIC Learn Center. We also offer in-person and Blended VILT (in-person and virtual) training throughout each year on specific courses.

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NIC has a vast collection of publications produced by its own agency staff about almost every topic in corrections. This includes studies, guides, and evidence-based best practices for agencies of all levels of corrections. In addition, our website also points to many other resources on the internet that might be useful when learning about particular topics.

National Institute of Corrections

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The mission of NIC is to advance public safety by shaping and enhancing correctional policies and practices through leadership, learning, and innovation.

Who does NIC serve?

NIC is dedicated to providing specialized and direct corrections training and resources to line staff, administration, and researchers in tribal, local, state, and federal corrections agencies. NIC does not serve non-governmental corrections organizations (such as private prisons and non-profit programs). 

What does NIC do?

NIC provides training through our catalog of data-driven research as well as our online Learning Management System. We have corrections experts and researchers on staff to answer questions. We also provide technical assistance (on-site training) to agencies and facilities to help evolve their practices in ways that benefit their operations and their communities. We also provide leadership and data to help advance correctional policies, procedures, practices, and operations nationwide.

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