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Prisons Division

The Prisons Division facilitates specialized training related to prison operations, conducts operational networks, coordinates technical assistance, as well as programs regarding leadership and management.

The Division also sponsors publications and materials on recent trends, the latest research and topics of interest to correctional practitioners, as well as participates in an interdisciplinary effort to assist jurisdictions in developing a more efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated system of correctional operations.

No-cost technical assistance related to prison operations is available in areas such as policy development, safety and security, emergency preparedness, staffing, and special management inmates. The Division also conducts conference workshops with emphasis on the following: Leadership and Management; Prison Management and Operations; Institutional Culture; Workforce; and Classification.

  • Additional Projects and Initiatives being developed:

    Mental Health First aid, Being Trauma-Informed, Implementing a Case Management Model for Jails, and Management Development for Women and Minorities

Webinars & Trainings
Cover slide for the mindful supervisor webcast
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Are you striving to meet organizational goals and crucial deadlines, yet wondering why your team’s morale has decreased? Are you aware of the messages your supervisory performance sends in stressful circumstances and their impact on your team? Are you interested in increasing your self-awareness

Cover slide for undue familiarity do you believe you can never be compromised? webinar
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Webinar held December 19, 2019.

Relationships between staff and inmates can start to blur, and in doing so it can put correctional staff in harms way. This webinar is intended to equip correctional staff with the information needed to examine the precursors of staff and inmate interaction that

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The cover slide for prescription drugs of abuse and misuse in jails and prisons webinar
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Are you and your agency knowledgeable of commonly abused and/or misused prescription medications in correctional settings? Have you considered prescription drugs which can be used as weapons?

If you are interested in learning from pharmacists from the largest correctional system in the United

screenshot of the presentation for the preventing and controlling hepatitis-A in jails and prisons webinar
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Join the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to learn about how current community hepatitis A outbreaks are affecting correctional jurisdictions, and how you can prevent cases from becoming outbreaks in your own

Looking for an incarcerated individual or facility?

NIC does not oversee incarcerated individuals or facilities and is unable to provide information about any incarcerated individual, the status of any case, or provide guidance on how to navigate the criminal justice system.

However, we recognize as part of the U.S. Corrections ecosystem how the public might find our agency when looking for a family member or facility. The two pages below will take you to the Department of Corrections (DOC) most likely to house the person you are looking for. Someone in that DOC should be able to help you further.

To Reaffirm: The mission of NIC is to serve local, state, and federal corrections with training materials, research, and technical assistance. NIC does not have anything to do with individuals involved in the United States corrections system.