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Funding Opportunities

NIC is dedicated to improving the corrections system, we are committed to providing funding opportunities and cooperative agreements to support the work of federal, state, local, and tribal corrections agencies (excluding private and non-profit entities). Our funding opportunities are designed to support a wide range of programs and activities that align with our mission and priorities. We award funding on a competitive basis, and we encourage organizations to submit proposals outlining their programs or projects and demonstrating how they align with our priorities.

We also offer cooperative agreements, which are designed to foster partnerships between our agency and the organizations we support. These agreements involve a higher level of oversight and guidance from our agency, and we work closely with our partners to achieve specific objectives.

We understand that the needs of the corrections field are diverse and constantly evolving, and we strive to make our funding opportunities and cooperative agreements as accessible and responsive as possible. We invite organizations to explore our website to learn more about our funding opportunities and cooperative agreements, and to contact us with any questions or to discuss potential partnerships.