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Aging in Prison

old man smiling

 "America's prison system is rapidly graying. Behind the walls are people with long sentences who will reach old age in prison. The population of older prisoners aged 50 and above is now five times as large as it was in 1990 and represents about 12% of the 2.3 million prisoners."1

 Older adults in prison often exhibit physical and mental health problems, including dementia, and histories of trauma and chronic stress. Over 3,000 of these men and women will die each year in prison.2

Listed below are resources related to the needs, policies, programs, and legal issues of aging in prison.

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2: (James & Glaze, 2006; Maruschak, 2008; Maschi, Kwak, Ko, & Morrissey, 2012). [From Aging Prisoners: A Crisis in Need of Intervention, Fordham University, 2012.] 

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