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Affordable Care Act - General

Leveraging National Health Reform to Reduce Recidivism & Build Recovery (2013)

This presentation from the TASC Institute for Consulting and Training addresses three areas: Why should you pay attention to health care reform? What is health reform? Examples of proactive planning going on now in Cook County (Chicago) and New York State.

Guidelines for the Successful Transition of People with Behavioral Health Disorders from Jail and Prison (2013)

[These] guidelines promote the criminal justice partnerships that are necessary to develop successful approaches for identifying individuals in need of services, determining what services those individuals need, and addressing these needs during transition from incarceration to community-based tr

Ten Ways to Link Individuals Involved with the Criminal Justice System to Health Insurance: New Resources from the Health Insurance Marketplace (2013)

A series of fact sheets designed to help criminal justice stakeholders link individuals in the system to health insurance coverage by offering 10 concrete steps.

The Unseen Provider: Health Care in Our Jails (2014)

This 8-minute video presents the case for implementing electronic health information exchanges (HIEs) that bridge the gap between jails and public health agencies, with the twin goals of cost savings and improving services to vulnerable populations.

The ACA & Vulnerable Americans (2014)

This series of articles from Health Affairs covers topics such as ACA implementation and ACA in jails. March 2014.

Medicaid Expansion and the Alaska Department of Corrections (2015)

In Alaska, inmate health care comprises approximately 13% of the Alaska Department of Corrections (ADOC) budget and is largely funded through General Fund expenditures.

State Medicaid Eligibility Policies for Individuals Moving Into and Out of Incarceration (2015)

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion offers a new opportunity for states to connect individuals in prisons and jails to coverage. However, Medicaid eligibility policies for incarcerated individuals vary in both expansion and non-expansion states.

The Importance of Medicaid Coverage for Criminal Justice Involved Individuals Reentering Their Communities (2016)

The purpose of this issue brief is to highlight the importance of health insurance coverage for criminal justice involved individuals, particularly the importance of the expansion in Medicaid coverage made available through the Affordable Care Act. 

Questions & Answers: The Affordable Care Act and County Jails

This brief will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the ACA and how it relates to county jails.

Health Coverage and Care for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: The Role of Medicaid and CHIP

This brief covers the health and mental health needs of girls and boys in the juvenile justice system and the role of Medicaid in meeting those needs.


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