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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - CBT Program Evaluations

Evaluation of the Insight Prison Project (2012)

IPP [Insight Prison Project] programs are designed for incarcerated populations to develop insight and awareness about their emotions, behaviors, and motivations; practice new skills; and integrate these new skills into all aspects of their lives in order to correct entrenched negative behavioral

The Use and Impact of Correctional Programming for Inmates on Pre- and Post-Release Outcomes (2017)

In this paper commissioned by the National Institute of Justice, authors reviewed the available evidence on the impact of institutional programming on pre- and post-release outcomes, prison misconduct, recidivism, post-release employment, and costs avoided through the prevention of crime.

What Works? Short-Term, In-Custody Treatment Programs

This report reviews the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy, education, substance abuse, mental illness and other treatment programs.

An Intermediate Outcome Evaluation of the Thinking for a Change Program

This evaluation of the Thinking for a Change program uses a quasi-experimental, non-random, two group pre-test post-test design.

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