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Correctional Healthcare - NIC Broadcasts

Hepatitis C in Corrections: Innovations in Treatment and Management of a Public Health Challenge [Internet Broadcast]

This internet broadcast from the National Institute of Correction (NIC) covers the newest innovations in treatment practices, protocols, and management of HCV and its implications for criminal justice, corrections organizations and public health.

Health Reform and Public Safety: New Opportunities, Better Outcomes [Internet Broadcast]

The broadcast highlighted promising ACA practices providing resources and strategies to expand healthcare coverage to justice-involved individuals.

Health, Justice, Women: Behavioral Health and OB/GYN [Internet Broadcast]

This website provides access to information about topics relevant to justice involved women (women offenders, female offenders, gender-responsive).

Health, Justice, Women: Transforming Systems--Changing Lives [Internet Broadcast]

This webcast covers research, strategies, and resources designed to effect health care practices used with justice-involved women.

Reduce Costs, Lower Risks, Enhance Healthcare Services: The Promise of Effective Pharmaceutical Management [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This 3-hour program broadcast addresses the costs and issues surrounding correctional pharmacy management.

Crisis Intervention Teams: An Effective Response to Mental Illness in Corrections [Satellite/Internet Broadcast]

This video covers the use Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) to manage individuals suffering mental illness in custody and under supervision.

Locking Up H1N1

This 3-hour program provides some practical strategies for prevention and control H1N1 (swine flu) in correctional facilities.

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