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Criminal Justice Reform - Mass Incarceration

U.S. Prison Population Trends: Massive Buildup and Modest Decline (2019)

The overall pace of decarceration has varied considerably across states, but has been modest overall. Thirty-nine states and the federal government had downsized their prisons by 2017.

The New Dynamics of Mass Incarceration (2018)

The rise of mass incarceration, spanning the 1970s to the early 2000s, was characterized by continuous, unified growth in both prison and jail populations across states and counties.

How Over-incarceration is Driving a Push For Criminal Justice Reform (2018)

A conversation with Jasmine Heiss from the Vera Institute of Justice about a recent poll that uncovers American's souring sentiment toward incarceration policy.

The Evolving Landscape of Crime and Incarceration (2018)

This memorandum summarizes the results of a national survey of 2,000 American adults taken from February 27-March 5, 2018. This survey focused heavily on rural areas, where incarceration rates tend to be much higher than in the nation’s major urban areas.

Accounting for Violence: How to Increase Safety and Break Our Failed Reliance on Mass Incarceration (2017)

The United States faces two distinct but interconnected challenges: violence and mass incarceration. Ensuring safety is an urgent and essential responsibility of a society and is a core dimension of delivering on the promise of justice.

Decarceration Strategies: How 5 States Achieved Substantial Prison Population Reductions (2018)

The national prison population began a gradual descent after 2009, lessening by nearly 113,000 (6%) from 2009 through 2016.

Don’t Stop Now: California leads the nation in using public higher education to address mass incarceration. Will we continue? (2018)

This publication highlights California’s successful efforts to build public higher education access for thousands of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students, both in custody and on college campuses throughout the state.

How Many Americans Are Unnecessarily Incarcerated?

This analysis provides a blueprint for how the country can drastically cut its prison population while still keeping crime rates near historic lows.

The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences

This report examines research and analysis of the dramatic rise of incarceration rates and its affects.

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