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Drugs & Substance Abuse in Corrections - Drug Courts

Taking Stock of Drug Courts: Do They Work? (2019)

Although researchers, policymakers, and practitioners alike have long known about the established link between substance abuse and criminal behavior, criminal justice agencies in the United States are still tasked with managing an influx of individuals who display symptoms of abuse and dependence

A Technical Assistance Guide For Drug Court Judges on Drug Court Treatment Services (2014)

This Guide has been prepared for judges newly assigned to preside over a drug court program to serve as a quick primer to assist them in (a) becoming familiar with the key elements and evidence-based practices that should be reflected in the treatment services provided to drug court part

National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) - Fact Sheets

A collection of the NDCI's Fact Sheets covering a number of different Drug Court topics.

Drug Court Practitioner Fact Sheet (2004)

As the title implies, the objective of this fact sheet is to provide drug court professionals with a scientifically based justification for discontinuing the interpretation of urine drug levels in an effort to define client drug use behavior.

Neither Justice nor Treatment: Drug Courts in the United States (2017)

Drug courts in the United States routinely fail to provide adequate, medically-sound treatment for substance use disorders, with treatment plans that are at times designed and facilitated by individuals with little to no medical training.  In a report published today by Physicians for Human Right

Juvenile Drug Courts: A Process, Outcome, and Impact Evaluation

This bulletin provides an overview of the ability of juvenile drug courts courts to reduce recidivism and improve youth’s social functioning.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Guide for Drug Courts and Other Criminal Justice Programs

This report explains how to use cost-benefit analysis (CBA) as a key tool to inform decisions about resource allocation.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Adult Drug Courts

This Issue Review provides a summary of national and Iowa research on the effectiveness of Adult Drug Courts.

NIJ’s Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation

This website provides access to materials related to the National Institute of Justice’s Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation (MADCE).

A Statewide Evaluation of New York’s Adult Drug Courts: Identifying Which Policies Work Best

This study documented the positive impact of drug courts in New York on re-arrest and re-conviction both.


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