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Evidence-based Practices (EBP) - EBP Implementation

Implementation Science in Criminal Justice: How Implementation of Evidence-based Programs and Practices Affects Outcomes (2017)

With increased attention on the criminal justice system's use of evidence-based practices, focus is needed on the quality of practice implementation and its impact on outcomes.

From Evidence-Based Practices to a Comprehensive Intervention Model for High-Risk Young Men: The Story of Roca (2017)

Researchers of criminal behavior are taking a more data-driven approach to community corrections.

The Colorado EBP Project for Implementation Capacity Development System (2012)

Strategies for Improving Corrections’ Capacity for Implementing EBPs: The Colorado EBP Project for Implementation Capacity (EPIC) Staff Development System.

MACCAC Evidenced Based Practices Continuous Quality Improvement Plan Approved Phases One through Four (2013)

The application of the following five skill sets are supportive of the eight principles of EBP and essential for successful implementation: Motivational Interviewing, Effective Alliance, Risk Assessment, Case Planning, and Cognitive Behavior Programming and Coaching. 

YouTube: Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Community Corrections (2013)

This webinar offers some practical strategies for improving the implementation process and achieving better program results.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices (2014)

The purpose of this briefing paper is to provide policymakers with an introduction and overview of the key concepts and issues associated with the identification and use of EBPs in criminal justice. 

Preliminary Findings from the Evidence Based Practices Implementation and Organization Assessment (2014)

The following preliminary report outlines the findings from the 2014 survey of Community Corrections agencies in Virginia and their local stakeholders.

Evidence-Based Practice: The Psychology of EBP Implementation (2015)

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is an approach used in numerous professions that focuses on attention on evidence quality in decision making and action. We review research on EBP implementation, identifying critical underlying psychological factors facilitating and impeding its use.

The EBP Transformation in Corrections: Facilitating Organizational Change (2016)

PPT presentation of "The Supervision Officer As A Foot Soldier."

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: The Principles of Effective Intervention

This report describes what the principles of effective evidence-based intervention are.



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