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Evidence-based Practices (EBP) - EBP in a Variety of Criminal Justice Settings

  • Jail in New York City: Evidence-Based Opportunities for Reform (2017)

    To inform the development of strategies designed to reduce the use of jail in New York City without jeopardizing public safety, the current project

  • How Evidence Helped Improve Criminal Justice Programming in California Counties (2016)

    In this video, hear how four counties invested in evidence-based programs to reduce recidivism and increase public safety with the help of the Pew-

  • The Use of Evidence-Based Practices in Wisconsin Adult Drug Courts: An Overview (2012)

    Three purposes support this paper: (1) present data to adult drug courts that responded to the NCSC survey; (2) provide a literature review of the

  • Program Profile: Reduced Probation Caseload in Evidence-Based Setting (Oklahoma City) (2012)

    The program aims to reduce recidivism of high-risk probationers by assigning them to intensive supervision by an officer with a reduced caseload an

  • NIC - Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems

    EBDM is a strategic and deliberate method of applying empirical knowledge and research-supported principles to justice system decisions made at the

  • Iowa’s Department of Corrections Takes an Innovative, EvidenceBased Approach: Efforts targeted toward programs that reduce recidivism, improve successful re-entry into community (2018)

    When departments of corrections target services to people who are incarcerated, these services can help reduce the likelihood that those individual