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Evidence-based Practices (EBP) - EBP in a Variety of Criminal Justice Settings

The program aims to reduce recidivism of high-risk probationers by assigning them to intensive supervision by an officer with a reduced caseload and through the use of evidence-based practices. 

Three purposes support this paper: (1) present data to adult drug courts that responded to the NCSC survey; (2) provide a literature review of the scientific evidence that provides the basis for the widely accepted eight evidencebased principles (especially for the risk-needs-responsivity principle (Principle 1) and the evaluation principle (Principle 8); and (3) to provide the survey itself, which although not an evaluative tool, can be used by program staff as an initial step in determining where their court stands in relation to proven principles for program effectiveness.

Articles in this issue include:

  • “Foreword” by Ken Rose
  • “A Framework for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Pretrial Services” by John Clark
  • “Advancing Evidence-Based Practices in the Pretrial Field” by Katie Green, Pat Smith, and Kristina Bryant
  • “Improving Pretrial Assessment and Supervision in Colorado” by Michael R. Jones and Sue Ferrere
  • “Pretrial Defendants: Are They Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?” by Barbara M. Hankey
  • “Charge Specialty and Revictimization of Defendants Charged with Domestic Violence Offenses” by Spurgeon Kennedy
  • “Pretrial Rearrests Among Domestic Violence Defendants in New York City” by Richard R. Peterson
Topics in Community Corrections, Annual Issue 2008: Applying Evidence-Based Practices in Pretrial Services Cover

This paper “focus[es] primarily on those [evidence-based] intervention principles most likely to be encountered by the prosecution” (p.2). Sections following an executive summary are: introduction; prosecutorial duty; innovative research; evidence-based principles in prosecutorial practice and leadership; the need for systemic change; and conclusion.

Using Research to Promote Public Safety: A Prosecutor's Primer on Evidence-Based Practice cover


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