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Gangs (Security Threat Groups) - General

  • Deradicalization: A Review of the Literature with Comparison to Findings in the Literatures on Deganging and Deprogramming (2010)

    This literature review begins with a discussion of the affiliative factors contributing to a person’s radicalization at the mass, group, and indivi

  • History of Street Gangs in the United States (2010)

    This bulletin should be the first stop for anyone interested in gangs and their history.

  • National Gang Threat Assessment (2011)

    The gang estimates presented in the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment (NGTA) represent the collection of data provided by the National Drug Inte

  • Gangs and Gang Crime (2011)

    This website has general information about gangs as well as links to other topics such as "what is a gang?", gang activity and prevalence, research

  • If You Don't Know About Gangs - You Should, Parts I-III (2012)

    This series of articles provide a general primer about gangs on the street and in prisons.

  • National Gang Report (2015)

    The 2015 National Gang Report (NGR) presents an overview of current gang activities and trends in the United States.

  • Compilation of Gang-Related Legislation (2016)

    Using automated databases and working with a variety of entities, the National Gang Center identifies gang-related legislation.

  • National Gang Center Publications

    This webpage has links to recent publications and National Youth Gang Surveys.

  • FBI Anit-Gang Initiatives

    The FBI is dedicated to disrupting and dismantling the most significant gangs through intelligence-driven investigations and new and longstanding i

  • Countering Threats to Correctional Institution Security (2019)

    Some threats to correctional institutional security - e.g., violence, escape attempts, contraband - are as old as the institutions themselves, whil