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Gangs (Security Threat Groups) - Prison Gangs

  • Security Threat Group (GANG): Validation, Placement and Debriefing (2014)

    This document from the San Quentin Prison Law Office reviews the new CDCR rules for deciding who is a gang member or associate, and whether or not

  • How Gangs Took Over Prisons (2014)

    This Atlantic Monthly article from October 2014 summarizes the findings from David Skarbek's book "The Social Order of the Underworld", which attem

  • Gang Renouncement and Disassociation (GRAD) Process

    This webpage from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice covers the Gang Renouncement and Disassociation (GRAD) process, which provides a method

  • 13 Dangerous Prison Gangs Correctional Officers Should Know About (2015)

    Gangs are outside and inside prisons, and can cause an even more dangerous working environment; learn how each gang works in order to incorporate t

  • White Supremacist Prison Gangs in the United States A Preliminary Inventory (2016)

    This report serves as a primer on white supremacist gangs in the United States and the problems they cause, but it is more than that.

  • Inside out: The challenge of prison-based criminal organizations (2016)

    In this paper, Benjamin Lessing argues that prison gangs present three distinct problems for policymakers.

  • Head injury in prison: Gang membership and the role of prison violence (2020)

    Purpose Serious head injuries, also known as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), are associated with an increase in aggression and violent tendencies.