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Juvenile Justice - Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice: A Guidebook for Implementation (2012)

    The chapters of this Guide detail the purpose and nature of risk assessment, provide definitions of risk assessment concepts, review research evide

  • How to Get the Most Out of Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice

    If implemented well, a risk assessment instrument can improve allocation of resources and lead to fewer youths being removed from the home or incar

  • OJJDP MPG Literature Review: Risk/Needs Assessments for Youths (2015)

    This publication covers: risk and needs assessments limitations, definitions, theoretical foundation, two approaches to administering risk/needs as

  • Accuracy and Fairness for Juvenile Justice Risks Assessments (2017)

    Risk assessment algorithms used in criminal justice settings are often said to introduce “bias”.

  • A Review of the Validity of Juvenile Risk Assessment Across Race/Ethnicity (2018)

    The review suggests that in general, risk assessments do a good job in predicting recidivism across racial/ethnic groups for diverse populations in