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Learning and Performance - Other NIC Resources for Trainers

The development and implementation of an in-house leadership and management development system (within existing agency parameters) are discussed during this 30-hour course. Sections of this manual include: training program introduction; setting a context and identifying trends; trainer and training function self-assessment; strategies for getting management buy-in; establishing a design team and advisory board; identifying candidates for your program; competency development and assessment of managers; leadership development/training deliver options; designing and developing leadership training and development strategies; developing training budgets for leadership ddevelopment using cost benefit analysis; how to evaluate available resources; marketing the leadership development program; and additional resources.

Building Leadership Cover

Training and practical experience in the techniques and skills of Co-Active coaching as the foundation of a leadership culture are provided during this 36-hour program. Topics covered include: leadership culture; coaching principles; commitment and high performance; Co-Active leadership coaching; listening levels; coaching practice; learning steps; powerful questions; complete requests get action; action and awareness create continuous learning; values; assumptions and interpretations; the "gremlin" concept; talents; a typical six-month coaching engagement; foundation checklist; career discovery questions; designing the coaching relationship questions; and acknowledgement.

Developing "Coaches" for New Wardens Cover

A self-paced course on how to be an effective mentor is presented. This workbook covers: performance objectives; the differing tasks of a mentor and a supervisor; qualities and experiences (resources) a mentor has; rules of mentoring; effective listening; setting expectations; goal setting; feedback; exploring options and ideas; pitfalls; transitioning; mentor's checklist; action plan; and reviewing the mentor/mentee relationship.

Mentoring in the Corrections Workplace:  A Self-Paced Workbook Cover

The National Institute of Correction's (NIC's) Service Plan for fiscal year 2009 contains opportunities available to those working in local, state, and federal corrections. Programming, information services, technical assistance, distance learning via satellite/Internet broadcasts, NIC Learning Center, NIC training programs in Aurora (CO), NIC-paid training beyond Aurora (CO), and partnership programs are described. An application for individuals, statement of interest to host partnership programs, an application for regional field coordinator (RFC), and an agency profile are included.

NIC Fiscal Year 2009 Service Plan: Technical Assistance, Information, and Training for Adult Corrections Cover

Strategies for effective facilitation are provided. The following topics are covered: defining facilitation; basic facilitator competencies; two areas of team focus; facilitator's tip sheet -- starting up and showing attention; facilitator's tip sheet -- asking effective questions; stages of group development and range of facilitator behavior; facilitation -- understanding your "hooks"; facilitation interventions; levels of intervention; intervention guidelines; group intervention techniques; giving feedback; receiving feedback; handling disruptive behaviors; brainstorming; nominal group technique; consensus testing (fist-of-five); plus/deltas; and multi-vote.

The Facilitator's Guide Cover
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