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Learning and Performance - Training Management

Corrections Learning and Performance: A Vision for the 21st Century

This material is from the inaugural Learning and Performance Symposium which focused on learning and performance practices.

The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Training Effectiveness

This report covers the concept of "The Six Moving Parts of Correctional Employee Training," a model for integrating strategy into training.

Training for Training Directors

This broadcast explains the skills that successful correctional training directors need.

Avoiding Your Day in Court -- Addressing Training Liability Through Defensible Strategies

Liability issues related to correctional training programs are discussed

Cost Effective In-Service Training Alternatives for Small Jails

This Training Resource Package recommends several cost-effective methods of providing in-service training for existing staff

Bridging the Gap: Winning Administration's Support for Training

This 24-hour program instructs participants in the development of a strategic action plan that will link training with agency needs.

Competency Profile of Training Administrator

This DACUM profile describes the competencies expected of a Training Administrator.

Effective Retraining: Fun, Focused, Fresh! [Participant's Manual]

This manual from a 3-hour training program looks at the need for and process of retraining in an organization.

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