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Mentally Ill in Corrections - Broadcasts/Videos/Webinars

"This webinar will begin by reviewing research describing the prevalence of mental health disorders among juveniles in contact with the juvenile justice system. The importance of recognizing adverse childhood experiences and trauma is discussed, as is the challenge of identifying and responding to features of “developmental trauma” since there is not an adequate DSM-IV or DSM-5 diagnosis to capture this clinical presentation. Evidence-based and emerging clinical interventions are described. The webinar will focus on adapting Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to fit the needs of the juvenile justice population. In 2006, the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services designated DBT as the primary clinical and behavioral approach for the rehabilitation of youth committed to the Department. Discussion will focus on implementing DBT across a state-wide system and maintaining fidelity to the model. How DBT concepts can be used in providing treatment (teaching self-regulation and interpersonal effective skills) and in behavior management in the program (positive based programming and decreasing room confinement) will be described."

CJCA Webinar: Mental Health Needs Among Youth Involved in Juvenile Justice cover

The webisode explores the changing role of law enforcement in addressing youth and young adults with a mental illness.

This is a presentation made during NIC's Virtual Conference in 2015. The authors discuss the treatment program they developed for inmates with severe mental illness (SMI) at a federal correctional institution.

This policy forum brought together a panel of experts to discuss their research, policy and clinical expertise to shed light on the link between mental illness and violence. 

This webinar for mental health court curriculum state trainers discusses strategies to utilize trauma-informed court approaches in mental health courts.

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