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Mentally Ill in Corrections - Jails

  • cover image for review of the literature on jail diversion programs and summary recommendations for the establishment of a mental health court and crisis center within douglas county kansas

    Review of the Literature on Jail Diversion Programs and Summary Recommendations for the Establishment of a Mental Health Court and Crisis Center within Douglas County, Kansas

    "In the late 1990s, jail diversion programs, many especially geared toward those with mental health challenges, began to emerge around the country. New and modified diversion strategies have also been implemented in the last 15 years. These are highlighted and reviewed in the pages that follow. The Douglas County Correctional Facility shares the fate of many detention centers around the country ... the literature review that follows is designed only to inform strategies that might result in more effective diversion...

  • Reducing Mental Illness in Rural Jails (2016)

    The goal of this publication is to provide rural county leaders with ideas and strategies for addressing these challenges by providing examples of counties that have successfully done so or are making progress.

  • Report and Recommendations Concerning Attica Correctional Facility’s Residential Mental Health Unit (2017)

    Disability Rights New York (DRNY) conducted a site visit and in-person interviews at Attica in August 2015, corresponded with incarcerated individuals from August 2015 through December 2016, reviewed security and mental health records and policies, and communicated with DOCCS and OMH executive staff.

  • Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses in County Jails: A Survey of Jail Staff’s Perspectives (2016)

    Public Citizen and the Treatment Advocacy Center are releasing a comprehensive national survey that captures the perspectives of county jail staff about inmates with serious mental illnesses.