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Mentally Ill in Corrections - Juveniles

7 Common Characteristics of Juvenile Mental Health Courts

This document elaborates upon the 7 most common characteristics of Juvenile Mental Health Courts.

Strengthening Our Future: Key Elements to Developing a Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Diversion Program for Youth with Behavioral Health Conditions (2016)

This report is intended to offer a description of a trauma-informed juvenile justice diversion approach with examples of how some states are beginning to address and implement trauma-informed systems of care for youth and their families.

Diverting Youth at Probation Intake: The Front-End Diversion Initiative

This brief covers the FEDI effort in Texas to divert youth with suspected mental health needs away from juvenile justice processing.

From Recidivism to Recovery: The Case for Peer Support in Texas Correctional Facilities

This paper explores the use of mental health peer support services for inmates with mental illness during the re-entry process.               

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