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Mentally Ill in Corrections - Pretrial

Reports the findings of a mathematical model built to project whether relatively modest selected changes to the status quo could break this logjam. Data from five sample states were used to model the effect of three specific changes. Eight recommendations for state and federal lawmakers are proposed in response to the findings.

"This report, modeled on promising approaches in the mental health field to people experiencing a first episode of psychosis, outlines a new integrated framework that encourages the mental health and criminal justice fields to collaborate on developing programs based on early intervention, an understanding of the social determinants that underlie ill health and criminal justice involvement, and recovery-oriented treatment."

First-Episode Incarceration Cover

"This report introduces essential elements for responding to people with mental illnesses at the pretrial stage, including decisions about pretrial release and diversion. These elements encourage data collection not only to help individual communities, but also for future researchers who are dedicated to these important questions."

Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses at the Pretrial Stage Cover
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