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Juvenile Facility Standards: United States Department of Justice Final Rule: National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape Under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

This Standard is divided into these sections: Prevention Planning, Responsive Planning, Training and Education, Screening for Risk of Sexual Victimization and Abusiveness, Reporting, Official Response Following a Resident Report, Investigations, Discipline, Medical and Mental Care, Data Collectio

Juvenile Standards Documentation Requirements

This document is meant to assist agencies and facilities in their PREA compliance efforts.

Protecting Youth in the PREA National Standards - Public comments from youth advocates on proposed standards for the implementation of the National Prison Rape Elimination Act (2011)

The Department’s draft regulations have the potential to improve the safety of children involved in the justice system.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards - Comments from youth advocates on minimum staffing ratios in juvenile facilities (2012)

"We strongly support the Department’s inclusion of minimum staff-to-youth ratios in the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) juvenile facility standards.

What are some best practices related to sexual misconduct prevention, detection, and response that are not included in the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards? (2012)

"The PREA standards represent an important step toward establishing a culture of zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment of youth in juvenile and adult facilities.

Key Differences between the PREA Standards for Adult Prisons and Jails and the PREA Standards for Juvenile Facilities (2013)

"PREA standards for juvenile facilities and adult prisons and jails are mostly the same, but there are some substantive differences. This fact sheet outlines those differences."

As Prisons Prepare for PREA, Impact on Youthful Inmates May Be Major (2013)

"In 2003, the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) -- a federal legislative proposal that sought to curb incidents of sexual assault in both adult prisons and juvenile detention facilities -- was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Standing Up to Sexual Misconduct: An Advocacy Toolkit to End the Sexual Abuse of Children in Juvenile Facilities (2015)

This toolkit is designed to equip you with knowledge and tools to secure important reforms that will make facilities safe from sexual victimization.

How PREA affects our handling of juvenile offenders (2015)

"With new rules due to PREA, we have to be more hands-on with juvenile offenders than ever before."

PREA Mandates in Juvenile Justice Facilities: Protecting the Health and Wellness of our Youngest Inmates (2015)

In the area of Juvenile Corrections, we might take this opportunity to revisit a topic I wrote about in February, “Incarcerated Youth at Risk: Is Your Facility Doing Enough to Avoid Liability?” Ultimately, a correctional facility has an ongoing obligation to safeguard the health and wellbeing of


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