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As a partner of the PREA Resource Center, ACA has dedicated its experience and expertise in auditing to the PREA audit protocol. ACA also partnered with the PREA resource center in the areas of communications, training, and technical assistance in sharing information, techniques, and tools for implementing the PREA requirements. ACA staff serves in the role of PREA auditor training (conducted by the PREA Resource Center). To date, more than 50 certified ACA auditors have also been trained as PREA auditors.

A job profile for an Internal Affairs Investigator in state operated adult correctional facilities is provided. This report contains these sections: executive summary; introduction; overview of the DACUM job analysis; DACUM job analysis results for Correctional Internal Affairs Investigators; top training tasks for new and veteran Internal Affairs Investigators in the Kentucky Department of Corrections; comparing Correctional Investigator training needs with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA); PREA Training Topic Exercise; and focused conversation. Appendixes include: a detailed overview of the DACUM job analysis process; PREA Subject Matter Expert Review of Investigator Job Profile; knowledge, skills, traits exercise; and Department of Corrections DACUM Job Analysis Chart.

Correctional Internal Affairs Investigators Job Analysis Investigator DACUM Job Analysis Cover

"Just Detention International is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention."

"The PRC’s aim is to provide assistance to those responsible for state and local adult prisons and jails, juvenile facilities, community corrections, lockups, tribal organizations, and inmates and their families in their efforts to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement. The PRC serves as a central repository for the best research in the field on trends, prevention, and response strategies, and best practices in corrections … This website consists of an extensive library, stories of efforts at compliance from around the country, information about national trainings, webinars, resources including tool kits and model policies." Points of entry include: library—legal, policy and practice, resources (curricula, training materials, toolkits and handbooks, relevant websites, resources for survivors, and tribal facilities), news coverage, research and statistics, and standards; training and technical assistance—PREA Essentials (standards for prisons and jails, lockups, community confinement facilities, and juvenile facilities), curricula, PREA in Action (readiness, embracing the standards, youthful inmate implementation, partnerships, and LGBTI youth and adults in confinement), upcoming and archived webinars, BJA demonstration sites, and Request for Assistance; audit—online system, paper instruments, process and appeals, auditor qualifications and application, list of certified auditors, trainings, Auditor Field Training Program, and Auditor Feedback Form; news and events—news of interest, and upcoming events; and FAQ.

Curricula include: Specialized Training--Investigating Sexual Abuse in Confinement Settings; Specialized Training--PREA Medical and Mental Care Standards; Preventing and Addressing Sexual Abuse in Tribal Detention Facilities--The Impact of the Prison Rape Elimination Act; Inmate Education Video; Inmate Education Resource Guide; Human Resources and Administrative Investigations Employee Training; Victim Services; Gender Responsive Strategies – Adults; Gender Responsive Strategies – Juveniles; Employee Training; Guidance on Cross-Gender and Transgender Pat Searches; and NIC E-learning Courses.

National PREA Resource Center Cover

While corrections officers and other facility staff have been formally trained in pat search protocol, this diagram serves as a visual reminder of how to properly conduct a pat search.

Following are downloadable, pocket-size PREA Cards for First Responders that are a good reference tool to have in reach if you are in the position of ever having to respond to sexual abuse or sexual harassment allegations between inmates or between inmates and staff in your facility. One PREA Card is for use in adult facilities, the other is for use in juvenile facilities.

Instructions: click on the image of the card you want. You’ll be redirected to a .PDF which you can either save to your device or print.  Once printed, trimmed, and folded, each card is 3″ x 5″ (about the size of an index card.)

If you operate within a jail and want staff to be aware of key PREA policies, The Moss Group developed a new template: Basic PREA Fact Sheet. This template was developed specifically for jails who may not provide PREA employee training, but would still like employees and contractors to be aware of key policies or practices that support sexual safety. You can download it below.

This PREA template includes a zero-tolerance statement and spaces for jails to fill-in facility-specific information on ways to report for inmates and staff. 

PLEASE NOTE: This document will not count towards PREA employee training under the PREA standards should you undergo a facility PREA audit. However, it is a good start in providing some basic information to guide staff in support of sexual safety and reporting.

"Please fill out the form below in order to request PREA-related training and/or technical assistance for your jurisdiction or agency. The more detail provided in your request will improve the PRC's ability to meet your needs. For jurisdictions less familiar on PREA, the PRC would encourage you browse the resources in the "PREA Essentials" page first. If your jurisdiction has general questions or comments for the PRC you can communicate those through our "Contact Us" page.

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