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Pretrial - Bail Reform

To Bail or Not to Bail: Protecting the Presumption of Innocence in Nevada (2019)

In 2016, Leslie Turner was arrested in North Las Vegas, Nevada because she failed to pay for a traffic ticket. In the months prior, Ms. Turner struggled to keep her head above water.

Undoing the Bail Myth: Pretrial Reforms to End Mass Incarceration (2019)

Your Honor, Mr. Jones will come back to court. He’s lived in the same apartment with his family for years, works part-time, and is putting himself through school. He is not a flight risk. I ask that you release him and allow him to return to court on his own recognizance. 

The Steep Costs of Criminal Justice Fees and Fines (2019)

This first-of-its-kind analysis shows that in addition to thwarting rehabilitation and failing to improve public safety, criminal-court fees and fines also fail at efficiently raising revenue.

How Bail Works in Michigan and Recommendations for Reform (2018)

Bail is the process by which criminal defendants secure their release while awaiting trial. It allows people who have been charged with a crime to be released from police custody.

Brittan Holland V. New Jersey - United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit - No. 17-3104 (2018)

New Jersey’s system of pretrial release has long relied on monetary bail to ensure the presence of an accused person at trial. State v. Robinson, 160 A.3d 1, 5 (N.J. 2017). But in 2017, following an amendment to its Constitution, the New Jersey Criminal Justice Reform Act took effect.

Bail reform challenge dismissed by federal court judge (2017)

SANTA FE – A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging reforms to New Mexico’s system of pretrial release and detention of criminal defendants.

California Pretrial Reform: The Next Step in Realignment (2017)

 "The report describes California’s current pretrial system and notes that a majority of jail beds in California are filled by people either awaiting trial or sentencing—many of whom remain in jail simply because they cannot afford bail.  It explains why California’s wealth-based system of money

POST BAIL: America’s justice system runs on the exchange of money for freedom. Some say that’s unfair. But can data fix it? (2017)

"If he were in almost any other courtroom in the country, he’d be ordered to stay behind bars until he posted bail — if he could afford it. This is what millions of people charged with crimes from shoplifting to shootings have done for more than two centuries.

Do the Math: Money Bail Doesn’t Add Up for San Francisco (2017)

"This paper examines our local system of bail, its shortcomings, and puts forward a range of short, medium, and long-term reforms.

NPR - Episode 783: New Jersey Bails Out (2017)

"Mustafa Willis was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. He was offered bail, but, because he couldn't afford to pay, he stayed locked up for months, punished for a crime he had only been accused of.


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