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Pretrial - Front-End Intervention (Diversion)

National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care Best Practice Toolkit (2020)

This National Guidelines for  Behavioral  Health  Crisis  Care Best  Practice  Toolkit(National Guidelines For Crisis Care) responds to SAMHSA’s mission by providing science-based, real-world tested best-practice  guidance  to  the  behavioral  health  field.  The  Toolkit Reflects Careful consid

Using Front End Interventions To Achieve Public Safety And Healthy Communities

A key objective of the 2017 symposium was to introduce the concept of front-end interventions as a variety of activities occurring at the pretrial stage to respond to crime, other than traditional arrest and case processing.

Diversion Programs in America’s Criminal Justice System (2016)

"What is the best way to correct the behavior of lawbreakers, ensuring that they do not reoffend? For nonviolent and low-risk criminals, jail diversion programs and other forms of alternative sentencing could be a worthy solution."

DA’s pretrial diversion program to expand with mental health services (2016)

"McLennan County leaders are creating a new position aimed at getting individuals with mental health issues the help they need and reducing costs associated with processing them through the judicial system. After the start of the fiscal year Oct.

After a Crime, the Price of a Second Chance (2016)

"As a first-time offender, Ms. Willis, 52, qualified for a big break: a program called pretrial intervention, also known as diversion.

Dothan man gets pretrial diversion for 7 felony drug charges (2015)

"Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska confirmed 32-year-old Jared Michael Manuel was accepted into the pretrial diversion program.

Leaders in the Field Weigh in on the Effectiveness of Diversion Programming (2013)

"For low-level juvenile offenders, advocates and analysts say evening reporting centers could be excellent alternatives to detention."

A National Survey of Criminal Justice Diversion Programs and Initiatives (2013)

"The evolution of justice policy in the United States has been far from linear. The last several decades have seen dramatic shifts in the management of criminal justice populations across the country, especially with regard to drug policy.

A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency

This document informs the discussion on bail reform and pretrial justice of an effective pretrial system.

First-Episode Incarceration: Creating a Recovery-Informed Framework for Integrated Mental Health and Criminal Justice Responses

This report outlines an integrated framework that encourages mental health and criminal justice fields to collaborate when developing programs.


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