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Pretrial - Release

Final Report, The Feasibility of Implementing Global Position System Monitoring with Crime Scene Correlation in the State of Ohio

The system under consideration would allow law enforcement agents to remotely search a statewide database that  includes  all  offenders  placed  on  GPS  monitoring,   to  access  information  regarding  the  offenders’ current and prior locations without a subpoena or warrant, and to access information pertaining  to  the  offenders’  proximity  to  locations  where  a  crime  has  been  reported.  ODRC  contracted with the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI) and the University of Cincinnati Institute for Crime Science (ICS) to conduct this study.

Criminal Justice Reform Report to the Governor and the Legislature for Calendar Year 2017 (2018)

This report provides information regarding the implementation of these various aspects of Criminal Justice Reform (CJR). It also quantifies, from several different perspectives, the statistical results of CJR after one year of operation.

Criminal and Juvenile Justice Program Open Society Institute-Baltimore (2018)

This report explores three Maryland jurisdictions—St. Mary’s County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore City—that are leading the way in improving pretrial justice in the state.

NAPSA Pretrial Release

"Most of the nation’s bail laws mandate – and NAPSA and the American Bar Association recommend through their respective standards – defendants be released pretrial under the least restrictive conditions required to ensure the defendant attends all future court dates and does not commit any new la

County Jails at a Crossroads: An Examination of the Jail Population and Pretrial Release

The report identifies the pretrial status and risk level of the county jail population and variations across counties of different population sizes.

Trends in Pretrial Release: State Legislation

This document provides an overview of legislative enactments regarding pretrial release policy.

A Brief Overview of Pretrial Release Laws

This report discusses how the fourth wave of reform will influence the juvenile justice system. 

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