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Pretrial - Risk Assessment

Stanford Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools Factsheet Project (2019)

The Risk Assessment Factsheet (RAF) as a structured, consistent set of key questions regarding important aspects of the design, deployment, and evaluation of pretrial risk assessment tools that stakeholders can use to obtain meaningful information about those tools.

The PSA: A Re-Validation and Assessment of Predictive Utility and Differential Prediction by Race and Gender in Kentucky (2018)

This paper assesses the predictive validity and differential prediction by race and gender of one pretrial risk assessment, the Public Safety Assessment (PSA).

Pretrial risk assessment tool developed for Alaska (2018)

This article reviews a new pretrial risk assessment tool that calculates whether a defendant is at low, moderate, or high risk for failure to appear at trial or to commit another crime if released.

Pretrial risk assessment tool developed for Alaska (2018)

Risk assessment tools are being used throughout the country in pretrial, sentencing, probation, and parole. This article looks at risk assessment tools in general and the development of Alaska’s pretrial risk assessment tool.

Milwaukee Moves Away From Money Bail System (2017)

"Identifying defendants who are most likely to not return to court for their trials is key to reforming the bail system in Wisconsin and nationwide. Doing so will cut costs and increase public safety."

Using Technology to Improve Pretrial Release Decision-Making (2016)

"Properly validated evidence-based pretrial risk assessment tools are better predictors of pretrial success than money bail or professional discretion alone.

New pre-trial release program relies on risk assessment (2016)

""There are people who can be safely managed in the community and the only reason they are not is they don't have any money whatsoever," says Washoe District Court Judge Elliott Sattler, who has administrative oversight responsibilities for the county's pretrial services."

Arnold Foundation - Risk Factors and Formula (2016)

"The pretrial phase of the criminal justice process should aim to protect public safety and assure defendants’ appearance in court, while honoring individuals’ constitutional rights, including the presumption of innocence and the right to bail that is not excessive.

Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents (2016)

Following a review of the available research regarding pretrial risk assessment instruments being used in other jurisdictions, the Committee decided that "it would be preferable to develop a customized pretrial risk instrument that incorporated all of the positive attributes of these risk instrum

Assessing Pretrial Risk without a Defendant Interview

This assessment looks at an effective non-interview-based risk assessment, the Kentucky Pretrial Risk Assessment (KPRA).


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