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Probation and Parole - Parole Board

Mental Health Risk Factors and Parole Decisions: Does Inmate Mental Health Status Affect Who Gets Released (2019)

Parole decision—the decision to release an incarcerated individual from prison conditionally—is one of the most critical decisions across justice systems around the world.

Characteristics of Pardon Authorities (2018)

In states where pardoning is characterized as “frequent and regular,” there is a regular pardon process with a high percentage of applications granted (30% or more); where pardoning is “sparing,” there is a regular process but a low grant rate; where pardons are infrequent, uneven, or rare, the c

Parole Handbook A Guide to the Parole Consideration Process for People in Georgia Prisons

A Guide to the Parole Consideration Process for People in Georgia Prisons.

Colorado State Board of Parole - Operational Manual

The mission of the Parole Board is to increase public safety by evaluating an individual’s potential for successful reintegration to the community through the use of innovative evidence informed practices.

Arkansas Parole Board Policy Manual (2015)

Secretary of State Rule Number 158.

The Continuing Leverage Of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Survey (2016)

The completion of this comprehensive survey and the reporting of its findings offers a timely and invaluable resource for releasing authorities.

Analysis of the Use of the Structured Decisionmaking Framework in Three States

This report explains how the Structured Decisionmaking Framework is a high-quality tool for making high-quality conditional release decisions.

Civil Liabilities and Other Legal Issues for Probation/Parole Officers and Supervisors: 4th Edition

This NIC monograph is the 2013 revision and update of previous (1982, 1985, 2001) editions.

Special Challenges Facing Parole

This guide is designed to “lay out the context, summarize the key issues, highlight the recent research, and provide suggestions about where to find more extensive and detailed resources” about special populations parole boards may have contact with.

Paroling Authorities’ Strategic Planning and Management for Results

It provides guidance for a paroling authority in “defining its vision and mission, assembling information and resources to accomplish its goals, and putting into place appropriate management and performance measurement systems to carry out its objectives and measure its progress."


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