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Probation & Parole - Probation - Drug Offenders

  • New Program Aims to End Jail's Revolving Door of Drug Offenders (2016)

    By targeting high-risk offenders, mainly those with long-term drug addictions, giving them access to the services they need whether that be drug tr

  • Federal Drug Sentencing Laws Bring High Cost, Low Return (2015)

    More than 95,000 federal prisoners are serving time for drug-related offenses—up from fewer than 5,000 in 1980.

  • Managing Drug-Involved Offenders (2014)

    Effectively managing drug-involved offenders is an essential step to reduce crime and drug abuse.

  • Swift and Certain, Proportionate and Consistent: Key Values of Urine Drug Test Consequences for Probationers (2017)

    More innovative programs now use a UDT (urine drug testing) paradigm with more frequent, random testing providing rapid results and certain, swift