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Probation & Parole - Probation - Female Offenders

Fact Sheet: Incarcerated Women and Girls (2016)

This fact sheet is a great reference if you are looking for a concise resource showing the increase in the number of women and girls being incarcerated and a comparison between the rates of imprisoned women and men and between girls and boys. 

In the News: Women Shortchanged by Justice Reforms (2017)

This article summarizes a recent report from the Prisoner Reentry Institute of John Jay College of Criminal Justice on gender and criminal justice reform.

The Effects Of Probation Or Parole Agent Relationship Style And Women Offenders’ Criminogenic Needs On Offenders’ Responses To Supervision Interactions (2014)

The present study investigated effects of two dimensions of relationship style (probation or parole agent–reported supportiveness and punitiveness) on female clients’ reports of responding to interactions with their agents with anxiety, reactance, and a sense of self-efficacy to avoid a criminal

Access to Transportation and Outcomes for Women on Probation and Parole

This study focuses attention on a previously understudied topic – transportation deprivation in women offenders under probation or parole.

Outcome Evaluation of the Women Offender Case Management Model in Connecticut Probation

The outcome evaluation [for the Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) implemented in Connecticut probation] focuses on determining whether participation in the project reduces future involvement in the criminal justice system as measured by recidivism over a fixed length follow-up period.

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