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Probation & Parole - Probation - LGBTI

Hidden Injustice represents the first effort to examine the experiences of LGBT youth in juvenile courts across the country. 

Many juvenile justice systems don't know how many young people in their system identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) and often lack appropriate policies that meet their unique needs … This webinar discussed the need for agency policies to support LGBT young people in the juvenile justice system. Participants learned how the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services [DYS] and Santa Clara County Probation Department [SCCPD] developed policies for LGBT youth in their system, as well as different strategies for creating similar policies in state- and county-based systems (website). This zip file contains: SCCPD Stakeholder Invitation; SCCPD Transgender Procedure Guidelines; SCCPD Transgender Preference Form; SCCPD Cultural Competence Form; Santa Clara, County Counsel Memorandum; Massachusetts DYS Official Policy; and presentation slides.

LGBT Youth in Juvenile Justice: Creating Agency Policies for an Equitable System Webinar cover

These principles guide the work of the Juvenile Justice System in Santa Clara County, and represent the values that support our collective commitment to increase our competency to serve and support the development of youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

This report pulls together documentation by grassroots groups, national studies, and academic research to unearth and examine evidence of ongoing and pervasive discrimination against LGBTQ people throughout the criminal legal system, from entry to exit.

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