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Redemption & Certificates of Rehabilitation - 2. Research

Redemption Research in the Criminal Justice System (2016)

National Institute of Corrections Information Center.

This document provides an overview of redemption research in the criminal justice system and includes an annotated bibliography of pertinent literature.

Researchers Develop Method for Computing “Redemption” Time (2010)

Ritter, Nancy.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method for computing the point in time when a person with a criminal record presents no greater risk of committing another crime than people in the general population.

Potential of Redemption in Criminal Background Checks (2010)

Blusmstein, Alfred and Kiminori Nakamura.

Extension of Current Estimates of Redemption Times: Robustness Testing, Out–of-State Arrests, and Racial Differences

This report provides the empirical estimates of what we call “redemption time," making the findings applicable to relevant policy.

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