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Redemption & Certificates of Rehabilitation - 5. Registration of... (Voting/Housing/Pell Grants)

  • State Identification: Reentry Strategies for State and Local Leaders (2016)

    National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) (New York, NY).

  • FAQs: Excluding the Use of Arrest Records in Housing Decisions (2015)

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Restoration of Rights

    Collateral Consequences Resource Center.

  • Certificates of Rehabilitation (2016)

    National Institute of Corrections Information Center.

  • Paper Reviews Recidivism Research to Help Housing Providers with Admissions Policies (2017)

    This paper published in Housing Policy Debate by Rebecca J.

  • Second Chance Reforms in 2017: Roundup of new expungement and restoration laws (2017)

    This report documents changes in state restoration laws in 2017, many of which are quite significant.

  • The Many Roads to Reintegration A 50-State Report on Laws Restoring Rights and Opportunities After Arrest or Conviction (2020)

    The report covers voting and firearms rights, an array of record relief remedies such as expungement and pardon, and consideration of criminal reco