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Reentry - Multimedia

  • document preview for Offender Reentry: The Value of Victim Involvement [Broadcast]

    Offender Reentry: The Value of Victim Involvement [Broadcast]

    This three-hour national discussion and broadcast by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) focuses on the unique opportunities and challenges of including victims in the offender reentry process. Current points in the criminal justice reentry continuum where victims can and should have a voice are explored. By including victims we can obtain more balanced information about the offender and their offense history which can positively impact reentry decisions. This approach can result in better outcomes for the community, offenders and...

  • screenshot of Reconnecting Justice: Pathways to Effective Reentry though Education and Training

    Reconnecting Justice: Pathways to Effective Reentry though Education and Training

    "Incarcerated individuals are disproportionately people of color as well as adults with low educational attainment. More than 650,000 ex-offenders are released from prison each year and recent research shows that two-thirds of those prisoners will be rearrested within three years of release. However, research also shows that access to correctional education can significantly reduce recidivism ... it’s essential to invest in robust education and training opportunities for incarcerated people and to connect them to continued education and employment opportunities once...

  • The National Reentry Symposium: Promising Practices and Future Directions (2015)

    "The purpose of this cross-jurisdictional inaugural event is to advance evidence-based and promising reentry practices throughout the Bureau of Prisons, in each of the 50 states, and within the country's largest local jail systems."

  • Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility (2017)

    A professional overview of the Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility located in San Diego, California.

  • Recent Changes in Corrections and Reentry: Thoughts from Two Leaders in the Field (2019)

    National Institute of Justice - Youtube Video (2:29 minutes)

    What changes are you seeing in corrections and reentry?
    Terri McDonald, chief probation officer, Los Angeles County Probation Department and John Wetzel, secretary of corrections, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections talk about recent changes in corrections and reentry. Wetzel elaborates on what the Pennsylvania DOC is facilitating with housing and how it individualizes its reentry programs. McDonald remarks on Los Angeles County’s systems approach to reentry and the idea of treating the whole person.

    (Opinions or points of view expressed represent the speaker and do not necessarily represent the official position or...

  • Evaluating Reentry Programs Using Data and Science (2019)

    National Institute of Justice - Video (1:50 minutes)

    Speakers: John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections , Grant Duwe, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation, Minnesota Department of Correction

    How do you use data and science to measure program success?
    John Wetzel, secretary of corrections, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and Grant Duwe, Ph.D., director of research and evaluation, Minnesota Department of Corrections explain how their agencies evaluate programs using data and science. Duwe details how the most effective programs provided by the Minnesota DOC have been those that focus on known risk factors for recidivism.