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Reentry - Prisons

Veterans and Criminal Justice: A Review of the Literature (2012)

Moran, M. Swords to Plowshares. Institute for Veteran Policy (San Francisco, CA).

Directory of National Programs: Federal Bureau of Prisons (2016)

U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) (Washington, DC).
“A practical guide highlighting reentry programs available in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

American Prisons Are Not a Revolving Door: Most Released Offenders Never Return

This report explains why previous estimates about recidivism are inaccurate and fail to take into account the over representation of prison returnees.

The Effect of Collateral Consequence Laws on State Rates of Returns to Prison

This dissertation covers what is known empirically about how certain laws negatively influence the ability of ex-offenders to reenter the community.

TPC Case Management Handbook: An Integrated Case Management Approach

This handbook supports an overall strategy to reduce recidivism and enhance community safety through successful offender reentry.

TPC Reentry Handbook: Implementing the NIC Transition from Prison to the Community Model

The TPC Reentry Handbook is a resource for a broad range of stakeholders involved in improving transition and reentry practices.

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