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Resources on Justice Involved Women - Girls

Gender Injustice: System-Level Juvenile Justice Reform for Girls

A focus on how systems—and particularly juvenile justice systems—can be redesigned to protect public safety and support the healing and healthy development of girls and young women.

Trauma among Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

The impact of trauma for girls involved in the juvenile justice system is examined. 

Neglected Needs: Girls in the Criminal Justice System

This document explains the serious problems faced with girls in the criminal justice system and suggests ways to address these challenges and meet these girls' critical needs.

Development Sequences of Girls’ Delinquent Behavior

[R]esearchers from two long-term longitudinal studies of delinquency collaborated to establish common delinquency measures, conduct analyses, and integrate findings on developmental patterns of girls’ offending from childhood through adolescence.

Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice for Disconnected Girls

The event featured Dr. Stephanie Covington, Co-Director at the Center for Gender and Justice, and her work on trauma-informed approaches to girls.

Making Detention Reform Work for Girls

This practice guide will stress that efforts to safely reduce the inappropriate detention of low-risk girls must be rooted in JDAI’s [Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative’s eight] core strategies, but with an added intentional focus on applying those core strategies to girls’ unique needs and circumstances.

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