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Resources on Justice Involved Women - Reentry

  • document preview for Supervision of Women Defendants and Offenders in the Community

    Supervision of Women Defendants and Offenders in the Community

    The use of gender-responsive strategies with women involved in the community corrections system is explained. Sections comprising this report are: what community corrections is; what gender-responsiveness for women offenders in community corrections is; definition of gender-responsiveness for women in the criminal justice system; summary of gender-responsive research; characteristics of women offenders in the criminal justice system (e.g., types of offenses, substance abuse, health, children and marital status, education and employment, and victimization and trauma); theoretical perspectives on womens criminal behavior...

  • document preview for Women and Reentry

    Women and Reentry

    This brief describes the accomplishments to date and agenda moving forward for this group. “The Cabinet-level Reentry Council is working to enhance community safety and well-being, assist those returning from prison and jail becoming productive citizens, and save taxpayers dollars by lowering the direct and collateral costs of incarceration” (p. 1).

  • Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women (2016)

    National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women.

    The series, Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women, is designed to help correctional staff and other supportive stakeholders, who are working with women during the pre-release planning process and during reentry to address their needs as they transition to the community.

  • Reentry Resources: When Victims of Battering Return to the Community after Jail or Prison (2016)

    A compilation of a number of resource listings about survivors as they reenter their communities after being incarcerated in prison and/or jail.

  • Research on Women Offenders-DC Public Safety Radio (2012)

    The program interviews Nancy G. La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Center of The Urban Institute. The topic was “Research on Women Offenders” as documented by “Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry,” which represents the only published empirical research with a sample size sufficient to identify statistical differences in the experiences of women versus men released from prison.