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sidebar - Indian Country Jails - NIC Resources

  • document cover for Indian Country Jail Administration

    Indian Country Jail Administration

    This 36-hour training program focuses on the basic skills and competencies jail administrators in Indian Country need to effectively meet their responsibilities. Eleven modules comprise this training: program overview and clarifying the role of the Jail Administrator; building support for the jail in the justice system and community; using jail standards as a basis for policy and operations; managing risk; developing and assessing policies and procedures; determining staffing needs; promoting optimal staff performance; managing jail resources; managing inmate behavior; assessing...

  • cover of Bureau of Indian Affairs adult detention facility guidelines

    BIA Adult Detention Facility Guidelines

    This resource contains: The BIA Adult Detention Facility Guidelines are drawn from the national Performance-Based Core Jail Standards, developed by the American Correctional Association (ACA). BIA Corrections Handbook: contains policies, rules, and regulations that apply to all detention personnel. ADF audit form: A checklist for performing an audit of a detention facility. ADF Guidelines which outline the standards. 

  • Document cover for B I A Detention Facility Staffing Analysis Workshop

    BIA Detention Facility Staffing Analysis Workshop

    In this workshop, you will: examine your role and purpose in conducting staffing analyses for detention facilities; learn the steps in conducting a jail staffing analysis based on the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) model; plan and conduct a mock staffing analysis; prepare and present a staffing analysis; and explore ways to optimize staff available staff resources. Six modules comprise this manual: workshop overview and agenda; clarifying roles and expectations; laying a foundation; conducting the staffing analysis-Part 1 and Part...

  • cover of BJA Adult Detention Facility Guidelines Assessing Achieving and Sustaining Compliance, lesson plans and slides

    BIA Adult Detention Facility Guidelines: Assessing, Achieving, and Sustaining Compliance: Lesson Plans and Slides [and] Participant Manual

    Participants of this training program will: understand the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Detention Guidelines-content and purpose; learn steps to take to prepare for and conduct a facility audit; know how to determine compliance and to identify deficiencies; plan and conduct an audit; develop and present a compliance plan in a written report; and learn how to serve as a resource to help facilities achieve and sustain compliance. Modules cover: welcome, introductions, and program overview; detention guidelines overview; detention...