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New Jail Planning: Getting It Right

This video covers lessons learned by four communities that built new jail using the four major steps of the Facility Developmental Process model.

Jail Planning and Expansion: Local Officials and Their Roles, Second Edition

This publication should be the first one policymakers turn to when developing jail facilities.

Jail Capacity Planning Guide: A Systems Approach

This guide explains the variables applied in jail capacity forecasting, and offers a framework for assessing management strategies across the system.

Jails and the Constitution: An Overview

This publication "reviews the history of correctional law and summarizes the results of major court decisions"

Jail Design Guide: A Resource for Small and Medium-Sized Jails

Addresses architectural design as it relates to functional components of the jail.

Jail Crowding: Understanding Jail Population Dynamics

This report describes the steps involved in developing an understanding of jail population dynamics and factors behind jail crowding.

Jail Design Review Handbook

A tool for reviewing conceptual options and schematic designs for new or renovated jails is presented.

Resource Manual for Transition to a New Jail

"[T]his resource document will assist agencies starting the process of planning for a successful transition to a new detention facility" (p. iii).

Jail Site Evaluation and Selection

Guidance is provided for successfully identifying, evaluating, and selecting jail sites.

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