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Suicide in Corrections - Staff Suicide

Correctional Officer Suicide Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography with resources on on correctional officer suicide.

Corrections raising awareness following the sting of staff suicides (2017)

"They are sworn to watch over some of the state's most dangerous residents. On any given day they might be spit on, assaulted, threatened, forced to break up violent fights, or asked to try and save the life of a person who has attempted suicide.

High suicide rates plague Massachusetts correctional officers (2016)

"When Michael Mellen retired at age 45, after 22 years as a Massachusetts correctional officer, he could not leave behind the paranoia that he developed behind the walls."

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries - BJS (2015)


Prison Officers Need Help, But They Won't Ask For It (2014)

"New York’s corrections system has come under scrutiny since the death of inmate Jerome Murdough, who was held in an overheated cell in the Rikers Island jail; a subsequent report by The New York Times detailed the mistreatment of mentally ill inmates.

Correctional Wellness and Safety Literature Review (2013)

"Health and wellness among those who work in correctional agencies is an issue that has always existed, but is just starting to get the increasing attention that it deserves.

Correctional suicides: Doing time takes its toll (2013)

"We spend a lot of time focusing on the mental health of our inmates, but not enough time focusing on the mental health of the people who are caring for them"

Beating The Odds (2012)

"We face some of the ugliest statistics of mortality as correctional officers. Perhaps you have seen these, they are fairly commonly cited online in other articles, but just in case you need a reality check here it is:"

Suicide epidemic hits corrections officers (2012)

"In a 2011 survey of 3,599 corrections officers, researchers found that 44 percent experienced some form of post-traumatic stress disorder, while 27percent "met the criteria for full PTSD"

Police Suicide Task Force New Jersey Report (2009)

"Nationally, suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death. While New Jersey has one of the lowest suicide rates in the nation, suicide is also a leading cause of injury death in the state, exceeded only by motor vehicle crashes and drug overdoses.


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