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Technology in Corrections - Body Cameras

  • The Technology Advantage: Using Shoulder Mounted Cameras Within a Detention Facility (2013)

    "SOG Operators wear shoulder-mounted body cameras to record their moves and the actions of their partners.

  • Why all COs should wear body cameras (2014)

    "We have all asked the question, what if? Life is full of what if choices. Each of those choices will make or break us.

  • Maryland county equips some detention officers with body cameras (2016)

    "As in-jail deaths such as those of Sandra Bland in Texas and Natasha McKenna in Virginia’s Fairfax County attract the same scrutiny as police-invo

  • Research on Body-Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement (2017)

    "Overview of Body-Worn Camera Use by Law Enforcement: In a sample of police departments surveyed in 2013, approximately 75 percent of them reported

  • A Primer on Body Worn Camera Technologies (2016)

    "A Primer on Body-Worn Camera Technology provides information to agency policymakers concerning considerations - including policy and training cons

  • A Market Survey on Body Worn Camera Technologies (2016)

    "A Market Survey on Body-Worn Camera Technologies provides a landscape view of the claimed key attributes of 66 commercially available body-worn ca

  • NCSL - Body-Worn Camera Laws Database

    Body-worn cameras are recording devices police officers wear as part of their uniforms to document what they see as they perform their duties.

  • Research on Body‐Worn Cameras (2019)

    "...the most comprehensive narrative review to date of the research evidence base for body‐worn cameras (BWCs).