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Technology in Corrections - Social Media

Social Media Surveillance by Police and Correctional Agencies (2017)

"The report (summary below) by the US Department of Justice addressing possible connections between terrorism and mass murders raises a perplexing question; do law enforcement and correctional agencies have the ability to monitor social media accounts to detect these events? 

2016 Law Enforcement Use of Social Media Survey

"A national scan of practice among law enforcement agencies across the United States reveals that they use social media to notify the public of safety concerns, manage public relations, and gather evidence for criminal investigations.

The Role of Social Networks in the Evolution of Al Qaeda-Inspired Violent Extremism in the United States, 1990-2015 (2016)

"How do terrorists organize? According to the 9/11 Commission Report, it took a tight and complex organization to recruit and infiltrate the hijackers into the United States, and to plan and oversee the simultaneous hijacking of multiple airplanes.

Social Media in Community Supervision: Promising Practices for Policy and Implementation (2015)

"In recent years, social media has become a valuable tool for community supervision agencies to monitor and address the activities of people on probation or parole, and in the pre-sentencing investigations of people charged with crimes.

Issue Paper on The Use of Social Media in Community Corrections (2014)

"This paper was developed to elevate the awareness of the potential of social media, also known as social networking, in the field of community corrections.

Pathways to identity: using visualization to aid law enforcement in identification tasks (2012)

"The nature of identity has changed dramatically in recent years and has grown in complexity. Identities are defined in multiple domains: biological and psychological elements strongly contribute, but biographical and cyber elements also are necessary to complete the picture.

Department of Correction launches social media pages (2014)

"Commissioner Robert Coupe today announced the launch of the official Department of Correction Twitter and Facebook pages.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Social Media Policy (2013)

"This document will provide guidelines for use of social media within the N.C. Department of Public Safety, in accordance with the North Carolina Office of the Governor’s “Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina”. 

The Law Enforcement Social Media Blog: The Online Resource for Law Enforcement and Social Media

This website is the "authoritative resource for news and information about law enforcement social media." A great resource for improving its use.


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