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Technology in Corrections - Video Visiting & Calling

Closing the Distance: The Impact of Video Visits in Washington State Prisons (2017)

"Of the many difficulties incarcerated people face, losing contact with loved ones may be among the most damaging.

Video Chat Price-Gouging Costs Inmates More Than Money (2017)

The more incarcerated people get to visit with their loved ones while they’re serving time, the less likely they are to reoffend later on. Research has repeatedly shown it. Just where video visitation rights fall into that, though, has become a serious point of contention.

Alabama plans to supply prisoners with tablet computers, Wi-Fi for education, phone calls (2017)

"Inmates in prisons across Alabama would soon have access to tablet computers under a new plan by the state Department of Corrections aimed in part at reducing the high cost of calling home from behind bars."

There’s no cheap talk when it comes to prison calls (2017)

"A federal appeals court on Tuesday said regulators went too far in trying to rein in the high cost of phone calls for prison inmates. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S.

Face-to-Face Family Visits Return to Some Jails (2017)

"Jailhouse visits like this one between family members and inmates are starting to make a comeback, replacing a decades long trend of requiring families to use Skype-like video technology in which families dial in from a computer at home, a public library or inside the jail itself to talk to a lo

Evaluating Video Visitation Technology for Prisons (2014)

"In 2012, NIJ awarded the Vera Institute of Justice a multiyear grant to conduct the first-ever systemwide evaluation of video visitation technology for prisons.

Video Visitation: How Private Companies Push for Visits by Video and Families Pay the Price

This publication explains how video visitation negatively impacts the families of inmates. A case study of Travis County, Texas is included.

Screening Out Family Time: The For-Profit Video Visitation Industry in Prisons and Jails

This comprehensive website provides information for agencies considering using a for-profit video visitation system in their correctional facility.

Video Visiting in Corrections: Benefits, Limitations, and Implementation Considerations

The purpose of this guide is to inform the development of video visiting programs within a correctional setting.

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